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Two Girls
The Clan
A Belt and a Box
Uncle Alec's Room
A Trip to China
And what came of it
Phebe's Secret
Rose's Sacrifice
Poor Mac
"The Other Fellows"
Cosey Corner
A Happy Birthday
Bread and Button-Holes
Good Bargains
Fashion and Physiology
Brother Bones
Under The Mistletoe
A Scare
Something to do

to receive you. Everything is in a mess now, except your tent; we 

got that in order the first thing, and you can sit there and see us 

work," said Archie, doing the honours as usual. 


"Rose felt it in her bones, as Dolly says, that something was in the 

wind, and wanted to be off at once. So I let her come, and should 

have kept her away an hour longer if your fish had not betrayed 

you," explained Uncle Alec, subsiding from a ferocious Crusoe 

into his good-natured self again. 


"As this seat is rather damp, I think I'll rise," said Rose, as the 

excitement lessened a little. 


Several fishy hands helped her up, and Charlie said, as he scattered 

the scarlet garments over the grass with an oar 


"We had a jolly good swim before dinner, and I told the Brats to 

spread these to dry. Hope you brought your things, Rose, for you 

belong to the Lobsters, you know, and we can have no end of fun 

teaching you to dive and float and tread water." 


"I didn't bring anything--" began Rose, but was interrupted by the 

Brats (otherwise Will and Geordie), who appeared bearing the big 

bundle, so much demoralised by its fall that a red flannel tunic 

trailed out at one end and a little blue dressing-gown at the other, 

while the knobs proved to be a toilet-case, rubbers, and a silver 



"Oh, that sly Phebe! This was the secret, and she bundled up those 

things after I went down to the boat," cried Rose, with sparkling 



"Guess something is smashed inside, for a bit of glass fell out," 

observed Will, as they deposited the bundle at her feet. 

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