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Two Girls
The Clan
A Belt and a Box
Uncle Alec's Room
A Trip to China
And what came of it
Phebe's Secret
Rose's Sacrifice
Poor Mac
"The Other Fellows"
Cosey Corner
A Happy Birthday
Bread and Button-Holes
Good Bargains
Fashion and Physiology
Brother Bones
Under The Mistletoe
A Scare
Something to do

a portly, placid gentleman, who seemed entirely unconscious of 

the iniquities of the Clan, and dozed peacefully in his pew corner. 

This was the only uncle Rose had met for years, for Uncle Jem and 

Uncle Steve, the husbands of Aunt Jessie and Aunt Clara, were at 

sea, and Aunt Myra was a widow. Uncle Mac was a merchant, very 

rich and busy, and as quiet as a mouse at home, for he was in such 

a minority among the women folk he dared not open his lips, and 

let his wife rule undisturbed. 


Rose liked the big, kindly, silent man who came to her when papa 

died, was always sending her splendid boxes of goodies at school, 

and often invited her into his great warehouse, full of teas and 

spices, wines and all sorts of foreign fruits, there to eat and carry 

away whatever she liked. She had secretly regretted that he was 

not to be her guardian; but since she had seen Uncle Alec she felt 

better about it, for she did not particularly admire Aunt Jane. 


When church was over, Dr. Alec got into the porch as quickly as 

possible, and there the young bears had a hug all round, while the 

sisters shook hands and welcomed him with bright faces and glad 

hearts. Rose was nearly crushed flat behind a door in that 

dangerous passage from pew to porch; but Uncle Mac rescued her, 

and put her into the carriage for safe keeping. 


"Now, girls, I want you to come and dine with Alec; Mac also, of 

course. But I cannot ask the boys, for we did not expect this dear 

fellow till tomorrow, you know, so I made no preparations. Send 

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