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Two Girls
The Clan
A Belt and a Box
Uncle Alec's Room
A Trip to China
And what came of it
Phebe's Secret
Rose's Sacrifice
Poor Mac
"The Other Fellows"
Cosey Corner
A Happy Birthday
Bread and Button-Holes
Good Bargains
Fashion and Physiology
Brother Bones
Under The Mistletoe
A Scare
Something to do

home, and a general move was made. 


They were all standing about the hall lingering over the 

good-nights, when the sound of a voice softly singing "Sweet 

Home," made them pause and listen. It was Phebe, poor little 

Phebe, who never had a home, never knew the love of father or 

mother, brother or sister; who stood all alone in the wide world, 

yet was not sad nor afraid, but took her bits of happiness 

gratefully, and sung over her work without a thought of discontent. 


I fancy the happy family standing there together remembered this 

and felt the beauty of it, for when the solitary voice came to the 

burden of its song, other voices took it up and finished it so 

sweetly, that the old house seemed to echo the word "Home" in the 

ears of both the orphan girls, who had just spent their first 

Christmas under its hospitable roof. 

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