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Two Girls
The Clan
A Belt and a Box
Uncle Alec's Room
A Trip to China
And what came of it
Phebe's Secret
Rose's Sacrifice
Poor Mac
"The Other Fellows"
Cosey Corner
A Happy Birthday
Bread and Button-Holes
Good Bargains
Fashion and Physiology
Brother Bones
Under The Mistletoe
A Scare
Something to do


Jamie's somewhat incoherent explosion produced such an effect 

that Pokey's small sin was instantly forgotten, and Rose felt that 

her hour had come. 


"What! what! what!" cried the boys in a chorus, dropping their 

shovels and knives to gather round Rose, for a guilty clutching at 

her ears betrayed her, and with a feeble cry of "Ariadne made me!" 

she hid her head among the pillows like an absurd little ostrich. 


"Now she'll go prancing round with bird cages and baskets and 

carts and pigs, for all I know, in her ears, as the other girls do, and 

won't she look like a goose?" asked one tormentor, tweaking a curl 

that strayed out from the cushions. 


"I didn't think she'd be so silly," said Mac, in a tone of 

disappointment that told Rose she had sunk in the esteem of her 

wise cousin. 


"That Blish girl is a nuisance, and ought not to be allowed to come 

here with her nonsensical notions," said the Prince, feeling a strong 

desire to shake that young person as an angry dog might shake a 

mischievous kitten. 


"How do you like it, uncle?" asked Archie, who, being the head of 

a family himself, believed in preserving discipline at all costs. 


"I am very much surprised; but I see she is a girl, after all, and 

must have her vanities like all the rest of them," answered Dr. 

Alec, with a sigh, as if he had expected to find Rose a sort of 

angel, above all earthly temptations. 


"What shall you do about it, sir?" inquired Geordie, wondering 

what punishment would be inflicted on a feminine culprit. 


"As she is fond of ornaments, perhaps we had better give her a 

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