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Two Girls
The Clan
A Belt and a Box
Uncle Alec's Room
A Trip to China
And what came of it
Phebe's Secret
Rose's Sacrifice
Poor Mac
"The Other Fellows"
Cosey Corner
A Happy Birthday
Bread and Button-Holes
Good Bargains
Fashion and Physiology
Brother Bones
Under The Mistletoe
A Scare
Something to do

better fitted for business, because of the health it gives him. Polish 

is easily added, if the foundations are strong; but no amount of 

gilding will be of use if your timber is not sound. I'm sure I'm right, 

Jessie; and if I can do as well by my girl during the next six 

months as I have the last, my experiment will succeed." 


"It certainly will; for when I contrast that bright, blooming face 

with the pale, listless one that made my heart ache a while ago, I 

can believe in almost any miracle," said Mrs. Jessie, as Rose 

looked round to point out a lovely view, with cheeks like the ruddy 

apples in the orchard near by, eyes clear as the autumn sky 

overhead, and vigour in every line of her girlish figure. 


A general scramble among the rocks was followed by a regular 

gypsy lunch, which the young folks had the rapture of helping to 

prepare. Mother Atkinson put on her apron, turned up her sleeves, 

and fell to work as gaily as if in her own kitchen, boiling the kettle 

slung on three sticks, over a fire of cones and fir boughs; while the 

girls spread the mossy table with a feast of country goodies, and 

the children tumbled about in everyone's way till the toot of the 

horn made them settle down like a flock of hungry birds. 


As soon as the merry meal and a brief interval of repose were over, 

it was unanimously voted to have some charades. A smooth, green 

spot between two stately pines was chosen for the stage; shawls 

hung up, properties collected, audience and actors separated, and a 

word quickly chosen. 


The first scene discovered Mac in a despondent attitude and 

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